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Online Tutoring – Here’s What You’re Missing Out On!

Living in this century, tutoring can be a huge toll on your bank account. While getting an education comes at a necessary cost, it is still pricey for parents. They have to pay huge amounts of money for their children to get into good colleges and universities. But, like every other trend, this one has also shifted towards online tutoring. And, many online tutoring services have come into existence especially in this century.

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Online Tutoring – The Need of the Hour

There is a significant rise in online tutoring during the pandemic and has become a norm. Since the arrival of covid-19, every school is considering options due to the pandemic. Most children were falling behind their grades by staying at home. This is where online tutoring comes into action.

Online tutoring services are great to enhance student achievement rate in this pandemic. Parents have turned to online services to keep their children motivated and study. For students who have low grades, online tutoring services will benefit them.

Not only that, but teachers can also earn money from the comfort of their homes. All they need to do is provide children with effective lessons and skills. It will help them uplift their academic performance.

Online tutoring services follow two types of format

  • Asynchronous tutoring – focuses on offline teaching. The tutor provides assignments, learning materials, and other activities on different offline forums. The student has to submit their work online. They can reach the teacher at any point without the need of being online at the same time.
  • Synchronous tutoring – includes face-to-face interaction between the student and teacher. Such type of tutoring requires software through which online classes are easily conducted.

Benefits of Online Tutoring

As compared to physical tutoring, online studies have made the students more relaxed. By letting them complete their coursework or homework at their desired pace.

It also helps the students in learning about new technologies and web-based competencies. This online learning system is helpful in their future as these skills are helpful in office work as well.

Online tutoring services are an important element of college-going students. There are times when these teenagers are running short of time. And are unable to take scheduled classes.

At brainstr, it is up to the student to decide how long to take specific courses. This helps in creating a work-life balance. According to researchers, online programs' students achieve higher grades than those who aren't. Hence, it shows how essential web-based teaching is for the kids.

Homeschooling is another aspect that exists at large within our community. Online learning for primary school students contains interactive sessions, activities, and multimedia learning. It stimulates the kids and completes the course.

Online learning is effective for children. Those who struggle in classes in different subjects like language, math, or writing. Apart from English, many teachers teach in different languages that help immigrant families.

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Online teaching for high school is quite different. It focuses on the areas in which students need extra help. In the majority of cases, students opt for help to improve their testing skills. The tutors with their interactive lessons help the students to prepare for tests like SAT or ACT.

As for university students, many of them enroll in free MOOCs or “massive open online courses”. But, one-to-one online classes are also a great learning method. Most universities have also started web-based teaching services. It has cut off the need for physical classes.

In some colleges, tutors are students of different colleges and work as a teacher. Numerous private companies provide online tutoring services for college students.

At brainstr, there is no room for mediocre teachers and laggy video lectures. It is the place where you get interesting and interactive video lessons. Online teaching is a cheaper and more effective way of learning. It opens the door of opportunities for parents and students to seek academic help.

Problems Of Online Tutoring

Even though online classes take place regularly and on-time, unlike physical ones, there are some challenges that students face during web-based classes. Teachers must have an influential attitude so that the students take part in online classes. Still, some of the students might struggle.

1. Technical issues

No matter how advanced we become technologically, there are times when students face technical difficulties while joining classes on different software. A poor internet connection and compatibility issues with operating systems issued that students face.

It is the duty of the tutor, to use such software that is easily accessible and works well. This will maximize the benefit of online tutoring.

2. Lack of On-Hand Experience

There are many subjects that require practical work so that students can easily understand and remember the topics. But, in online classes, there is no such thing to do.

However, tutors can use simulators in their classes for practicing purposes.  It will somewhat reduce the need for practical work.

3. Lack Of Discipline Among Students

Some students are highly undisciplined in online classes. It is because they don’t have a teacher on their head to discipline them. Online classes make it hard for students to complete their work on time and follow instructions.

In physical classes, teachers have a variation in their voice and body language that compels a student to complete the work on time and be punctual. But, online tutors can take training and courses on how to become an effective online teacher.

4. Poor Student-Teacher Connection

It is one of the major problems that both the teacher and students face. The lack of physical connection between the two parties has widened the communication gap.

Students are hesitant to ask questions, while teachers don’t get a response as good as physical classes.

5. Marketing

Not only students face problems in online teaching, but tutors are also a victim of it. Even though online tutoring is a good profession, if there are no students, there is no money.

To become a well-known tutor, one must advertise themselves correctly. But since, teachers aren’t marketers, finding students becomes a challenge.

To overcome this problem, tutors can exchange their resumes on different platforms. Moreover, searching over websites that look for tutors is a good way too. At brainstr, you can easily become a teacher and earn money through the comfort of your living room.

5 Things That Make an Online Tutor worth It?

1. Expertise

Expertise plays an important role in making web-based learning effective. A tutor must have content knowledge, only then they can clear the concepts of the students. Knowledge of weaknesses, misconceptions are indicators of a good tutor. And addressing student’s problems is what makes a tutor a great one.

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2. Cooperation

Tutors must collaborate with students while they solve problems. In this way, online tutoring becomes more effective. It creates an active learning environment. Otherwise, to conduct an online class would become one hell of a task.

Tutors who know how to collaborate with their students are great. They must help them to solve queries, which is the benchmark of a good teacher. New tutors must also know the learning methods to provide feedback.

3. Engagement

Online tutors must pay adequate attention if the students feel engaged in their class or not. Disengagements often lead to low efficacy and low responses of the students. It also creates a communication barrier between the two parties.

Also, frustration amongst students becomes common. Tutors should know strategies. And, also have an active approach regarding how to indulge students back in the class. Switching the topics, adding humor, and rephrasing the problems are few good measures.

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4. Concern

Concern and understanding are two elements that make a tutor a good one. Online-teaching shouldn’t conclude as soon as the session ends. Tutors must show concern over students that are struggling.

They must understand that every student improves over time. They must have room for improvement. Tutors must give time to students to review the prior subjects. Even if they are “pro” at it, refreshing the memory is vital.

5. Motivation

Tutors must have a strong sense of commitment and motivation. It is the only way; teachers can deliver lectures effectively. To understand the course material thoroughly. And ready to address students’ problems at any time is an indicator of high motivation.

The tutors must go beyond simply pinpointing the errors. They should go in-depth and find the underlying issues. The more involved the tutors are, the effective online classes will be.

How To Choose A Good Tutor For Your Child As A Parent?

Find Out How Can A Teacher Help Your Kid

Many online tutors teach a wide range of courses. You need to figure out how a tutor can help your child to become academically strong.

Instead of diving into the pool of subjects the tutor teaches, look for your concerns. As a parent you know where your child lacks and needs to focus on.

You can talk to your children about the topics they find difficult or are their favorite. Knowing their needs will help them benefit from support from a teacher. Counselors and other professionals are helpful in this regard. They will recommend programs that are effective for former students.

Make a List of Suitable Tutors

After identifying your subject needs, start searching for the most viable tutors. There are plenty of sites on which tutors teach. You must note down their criteria, qualifications, cost structure, and other important information.

After completing your hunt, contact every service provider or tutor. It will help to inquire more about them. Communicating with them directly will help you make a better decision for your child.

You should pay attention to the response time, behavior, and answers. If you aren’t satisfied with how they speak or are vague, then it’s a no.

Narrow down your list to two or three candidates. This shall make your decision easier. Contact the past clients and students and collect their reviews. Because those are the honest opinions that are crucial to know.

Go Through The Curriculum Yourselves

Opting for online-only studies is a huge task. If your child was a part of a physical classroom environment. Online learning is difficult. After you’ve selected the best tutor, it is time to review the curriculum.

You must make a plan of action if the program is self-guided. Weekly or monthly schedules will help you keep your child on track. What if the online teaching follows a structure? You should determine how and when the course completion will take place

Review the extracurricular activities and other programs. You can contact your child’s tutor to get information about how to get all the assigned work completed on time. In this way, you will know your kid’s progress.

Brainstr is the solution for all your problems that your child faces in any of the subjects. With a team of inspiring teachers, brainstr aims to provide the best of the best. All the teachers associated with brainstr are current students or recent graduates from top universities. They are well equipped and ever-ready to understand the needs of their students. Engaging and interactive lessons are also a part of us, where interactive tools will make education easy. Since all our sessions are online, your kid can learn from anywhere in the world. And, if they wish to learn any language or study with a native teacher, this feature is available as well.

Final Toughts

The concept of e-learning isn’t new but it surely wasn’t common. Due to Covid-19, almost every educational institute has shifted towards online classes.

Adjusting to only web-based classes is troubling for most of the students. Since they were well-aware of physical classes. It is difficult for them to concentrate only on online lectures.

However, online tutors can make this mode of studying very cool. By using the techniques above, one can become an exceptional online tutor. The selection of a tutor also plays a vital role in how the child reacts to such a mode of classes.

Whether your child needs help in math, English, science, or any subject. Online teachers are there to serve you. Your child can craft their skills with little effort. These skills are easily learned in online tutoring services.

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